Art:  Hines

Art: Hines

Over the course of the last year, I have featured music producer Borealism a handful of times on the blog. Along with releasing a full-length through Inner Coean Records (which I featured here), Borealism also assisted twice with the ongoing Sleep compilation, first back in December and again at the end of October. It brings me great joy to have the Idaho-based musician as the newest member of the 'List of Five' series, where creatives construct a list of whatever they feel like listing. Without further ado, let's start the show. Oh, and be sure to listen to the playlist below as you read along.


"When you become an online enigma of sorts  people tend to associate your identity with their own perceptions based on the content you provide them with. The opportunity to make a List of Five seemed like a fun way to open a little window into who I am behind the music!"

One Hobby: Dungeons and Dragons

"I have a character I've been running with in almost a year-long campaign now: a half-elf bard named Skranji Bombora. My friends and I have been playing DnD for 15 years now and these days with our separate ways of life it's a great way to stay connected and keep in touch."

Honorable Mentions: cloud gazing, puddle stomping, knitting


One Color: Violet

"The answer to this one has been quite ephemeral over the course of my lifetime. My original favorite color was green and since then has been just about everything in between. These days violet (and various shades of purple in general) has been my main squeeze. In my neck of the woods these colors reign supreme in the twilight hours and never fail to bring a sense of calm and wonder to my mind."

Honorable Mentions: Vermillion, Cyan, Orchid

One place: North Idaho

"I've traveled extensively and have even lived in Europe for a while but my favorite place in the world is where I have grown up most of my life. The wilderness around my hometown, Sandpoint is breathtakingly beautiful offering recreational activities of all kinds including swimming in the summer a skiing in the winter. Best of all, it is a refuge from the chaos of our world providing me with endless opportunities to find serenity and inspiration."

Honorable Mentions: Bled, Slovenia; Lofoten, Norway; Telluride, Colorado

One Sport: Skiing

"My father was a professional ski racer at the highest level for the Norwegian national team and so naturally I inherited his competitive nature and a love for physical activity. I started skiing when I was 2 years old - non coincidentally soon after I learned to walk. Skiing is a veey spiritual experience for me; there's no rules or pressure, it's just you and the mountain."

Honorable Mentions: soccer, tennis, cross country running

One Album: LP3 by RATATAT

"The amount of times I have listened to this album is obscene. I keep on coming back to it and finding new elements every single time. The production is top notch and the journey has an operatic arc with high and lows that brings me to a different place every time. Combining my love of electronic production and guitar shredding, it was a match made in heaven for me."

Honorable Mentions: ( ) by Sigur Rós, For Emma Forever Ago by Bon Iver, and Dark Red by Shlohmo