Artwork by  You And Neru

Artwork by You And Neru

Acting as my third curated compilation of the year, [Sleep] is exactly that: a compilation intended for slumber. Songs that take place in the late hours of the night, when eyes are heavy and dreams are near. What better day to drop a sleepy project than the day after Christmas, when everyone is yawning? Press play and yawn away.

01. Borealism - "awyfrmu" [Instrumental]

02. Joe Nora - "Vyvn" (Ft. Bleeklino & Pryka)

03. Morimoto - "Where the Blues Go"

04. Jaro - "Say Yah (Wake)" [Instrumental]

05. Nicodxmvs - "Dreamer of Dreams" (Ft. Courtney Jeanette Sanchez)

06. Shrimpnose - "Soon" [Instrumental]

07. Elton Aura - "L.M.L.T. (Wake Up)" (Prod. Jasper MacRae)

08. Bobby Swan - "Cyprus" [Instrumental]

09. No Talent - "Before We Could Talk" [Instrumental]

10. Prov - "Faded" (Ft. Chai)

11. Banksthegenius - "Thinking Out Loud" [Instrumental]

12. San Soma - "Solstice" (Ft. Olivia Prager)

13. Televangel - "Hospice" [Instrumental]

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