I started listening

to Chicago band

Manwolves after seeing

original Cam Collins

artwork used

for their singles.

Within the four songs

that feature his art,

the six piece band blends

live instrumentation with hip-hop,

soul, jazz, and more. Horns galore,

with plenty of strong lines

to make you reach

for your journal.

"Sing Along"

such a good example.

This group is part

of a new wave of feel-good Chicago

artists making an impact

with organic music

and electrified, live shows.

See also:

Kaina, Morimoto, Ric Wilson,

Burns Twins, Lovejoy.

Expect much more

from this crew

in the future

and be sure to check out

more art from Cam Collins

via his website.

Hell, grab a shirt

while you're at it.