Photo cred:  Lonewolf

Photo cred: Lonewolf

Northwest Indiana

artist Omar Apollo

has a really impressive

three song

SoundCloud spotlight,

so let's talk about it.

First, we have

his most recent release


which is tagged as

experimental post modern

indie funk.

Bedroom grooves galore,

this blends hazy pop

with modern r&b

for a toe-tapping time.

The song “Beauty Boy”

begins with a bass line

that has you hooked

from the jump.

It's a bit more produced

than “kissyew”

and it feels

like something

that might fit

in a commercial

for new shampoo

or conditioner.

Full of soul.

Lastly is Apollo's track


which was released

at the top of 2017.

Falsetto game

is very strong

with this one.

It's a piece

that compliments

the past two Apollo

tracks, and it's great

to see the singularity

and signature style

in three tracks

from the Hoosier artist.

Look out for more

from Omar Apollo,

as I'll be covering

his music videos soon.