Because I always need more

music by Oatmello.

What's the running tally now?

Seven EPs, one full-length,

and about ten more singles?

Something like that.

Most recently, Oatmello released

the seven song instrumental

EP known as Campfire.

Continuing to handle the artwork

on his own, the EP

is a relaxed and meditation guide,

with Oatmello handling production,

bass, and piano,

with Justin King on guitar.

It's a quality formula,

as all seven songs

are full of replay value.

Not to be outdone,

Oatmello additionally helped

out with my monthly Sleep

series (his second time helping)

with his piano-driven track

later being featured

on his SoundCloud as part

of "Four Minutes", a combination

of two tracks as one song.

Yes, Oatmello has a boatload

of material, so it's best to jump

in sooner than later

and get yourself familiar.