It's been a joyous

task keeping up

with the releases

of producer Oatmello.

With numerous EPs

and singles having been

released this year,

as well as a recent

release through

Inner Ocean Records

(after which we conducted

an interview), he has since

gone on to release

two more pieces

of music worth

mentioning. First

is the nine minute

EP of five instrumentals

known as Between Us.

Acoustic and somber,

the short release

comes and goes a bit

too quickly.

The piano

on the third

track “Ends”

is particularly moving

and the final piece,

“Holy”, closes it all

so nicely.

Following that,

Oatmello released the single

“Wishful Thinking”,

a collaborative instrumental

alongside producer

j'san. Enjoy both

releases above

and below

and be sure to check

out the rest of his

prolific 2017.