The catalog

of Inner Ocean Records

is dense and expansive.

I spoke with

the international lofi

and cassette label

earlier this fall

and I tried my best

to be familiar

with their entire catalog,

but one artist I didn't

pick up on until just

the other week was

producer Senoy.

Fellow Inner Ocean

artist Borealism

recommended I listen to

Senoy and Parra for Cuva's

album Darwis,

a 2016 instrumental release.

The album is meditative,

spiritual, progressive as hell,

freeflowing, and electrified.

Every listen brings forth

a new experience.

A little over a year later,

aka this past September,

and Senoy releases

his debut solo project.

The minimalistic

and soothing

instrumental album,

Shine, instantly became

one of my favorites

of the year.

Recently, I've been

preferring the more


instrumentals, and this project

hits the spot

all the way through.

If Darwis is a witchdoctor

performing a therapeutic ceremony,

Shine is the morning after,

complete with some

lemongrass tea.