Chicago artist

CHEBAKA (scream it)

is on a rampage.

He released two EPs

in two weeks

and you need to get

familiar with both.

First, he delivered

with the three song

self-titled project


all of the artwork

handled by Sinclair,

the project is a short

and sweet cohesive

release. Eight minutes

in length with the lead

single produced by 6mag

and the remaining two

were handled by Jaro.

"Conservatory" is a particular

favorite here.

Rather than dunk

back down into

the underbelly of Chicago's

lucha libre ring,

CHEBAKA followed his

project with another:

the four song

EP Chebakalypse Now. Fully

produced by Noah Neville,

the project is a surreal

trip inside CHEBAKA's

galactic brain. We heard

“Thinking of You”

a while back, but now

we get the full

release, and how magical

and playful and sorrowful

and surreal it is. 

It’s fun to daydream.