On Wednesday night,

I went to the Chicago venue

Martyrs' for the first time.

Located off of Lincoln

near Irving Park,

the north side venue

is where artist

San Soma

was having his

debut album release party.

He released Desaturation,

earlier this month

and I was fortunate enough

to premiere it right here

on the site.

Coming along for the ride

was performer (and friends)

Swill, producer Jaro

with a DJ set,

and eight piece band Lovejoy.

San Soma's set up

was that of a polished

and soothing one man band,

bouncing constantly

and wailing on guitar.

He played a handful

of old material

as well as

plenty of content

from his new album.

Lovejoy went on before Mr. Soma

and truly impressed,

even though I had never heard

their music before.

The group,

which blends surf rock

with psychedelic pop,

and plenty of other elements,

has only performed

five shows.

Despite having only have

two songs to their name

(that I can find),

something tells me that they

will be doing big things

in 2017.

The entire night

was a spectacle of refreshing

and original music

coming out of the Windy City.

Swill performed his solo material

with plenty of energy,

and even brought out New Kingz,

for a special track.

For his opening DJ set,

Jaro managed

to include original content

in between remixes

and instrumentals.

Every set sounded different

than the last,

and no acts disappointed.

Just as a show should be.