Artwork: Ishmael Raps

Artwork: Ishmael Raps

After taking a break

from his solo work

for about two years,

Chicago (by way of Rochester,

New York) artist Cae Jones

returns to the spotlight

with the rappin' ass track


Produced by Jaro

and with mixing/engineer work

from Banks The Genius,

it's a Chicago squad affair

through and through.

This tongue-twisting

whirlwind of a song

has enough lines

for about ten playbacks.

To say that Cae is sitting on heat

and that this is just an appetizer

is a true understatement.

"Garden" should hold you over,

but plenty more is on the way.

Until then, get familiar

with his recent guest features

and collaborations,

and look out for footage

from his recent Sofar Sounds show.