Art:  Dr. Phib  the Legend

Art: Dr. Phib the Legend

Woke up on the wrong side of the potato.
— Joe Nora
I have seen the trees, lived amongst the pines.
— Cory Grindberg

Collectively collected

through a potato

not beheaded,

we invested

and enlisted

vast musicians

to explain instrumental

physics to a group

of old magicians

who lost their magic

sometime after

this past Christmas.

Here is the compilation

of their famous

last wishes.

Welcome to the

Potatohead Militia.

My god is Potatohead.
— Shrimpnose
Bees aren’t real.
— DaeDae
Life’s too short to always be a tater, but I yam who I yam.
— Jaro
Potatoes are really good, and super versatile. But we really should save the bees.
— Phib
Sometimes you’re a couch potato and other times you’re a couch tomato. There’s really no way to be sure one way or the other.
— Joe Nora