In the last month, California-based collective Brockhampton have released five music videos. In preparation for their anticipated album, Saturation, which dropped today, the 'All American Boyband' present a playful and original look into the rap world. Equal parts Loiter Squad and Jason Goldwatch, these highly creative music videos (all of which are directed by Kevin Abstract) are worthy of dissection and enjoyment. Which we shall do right now.


With Joba on the hook, the gang destroys shit in a foggy black and white video. It's a hazy video for a relaxed track that is both disorienting and simplistic. Compact energy in a four minute run through.


Beginning with an anti-cop opener, the street corner video is a one-take headspin. “I'll break your neck so you can watch your back” is an incredible line. While it doesn't show the aftermath, the video appears to be at the early stages of an impending storm. Very fitting.


While the first two videos are rather simple, this one has a bit more flair. It's a costume party inside a U-Haul, inside a house party, eventually taking it to the street. Full of high saturation and technicolor filters, this one should be on rap radio.


This is the first of their videos that I saw and I was instantly hooked. Featuring about 500 film references, “Star” is a blast to both listen to and watch. Blue-faced mayhem, baby masks, yellow dresses, and all around entertaining as hell.


With yet another Spanish opening from Roberto, this track is full of sunshine and bliss. It's a family affair in all white Ts, singing along with smiling faces. It's so hard not to love these guys. Now that this article has come to a close, it's time for me to listen to Saturation.