Hope the flowers bloom, hope things are good for you.

Siren emoji, siren emoji.

Chicago-based duo

Iris Temple

are releasing a project

right around the corner.

The EP, known as

The Ones We Love,

is set to drop on May 24

and the rollout has been

lovely. First, the pair

provided a phone number

for fans to text

in order to receive a snippet

of their lead single,

“Pretty Love.”

Days later, the single dropped,

which was followed

with their very first

music video. Directed by

Winnie Ramone,

the self care /

interpretive dance

is a meditative trip through

a therapeutic relaxation session.

It's acoustic and serene,

stuck inside a reflective bedroom.

Heartbreak contrasted

by refreshing confidence.

Following up,

their second single

from the forthcoming EP

is “Real”.

It's upbeat.

It’s up in the clouds.

It’s alive and drowsy

with wonderful

verses from both


Two for two

on the appetizers

for The Ones We Love,

which drops next week.

While we’re here,

it’s necessary to include

“Visions”, which I don’t think

I featured on my blog

in the past. For the past week,

I’ve been

listening to this one

(which dropped late

last year) just as much

as their two new tracks

All praise

to the sunshine

in Chicago.