Maxo entered 2019

with brass knuckles

and a cocky grin.

Kickstarting the year

with the video

“Time” (directed by

Devlin Claro Resertar)

the LA-based rapper

had tastemakers

and social media

frequenters raving.

Fast forward two

months and he dropped

the ten song album

Lil Big Man, which,

as it stands,

might be the strongest

hip-hop project

of 2019 (so far).

Equal parts modern

and throwback,

the 30 minute project

has me reminiscent

of 2011/2012 California

acts like Main Attrakionz

and 100s, while also

incorporating a lofi

and soulful sound

that aligns nicely

with artists like

Lojii, liv.e, and Pink Siifu

(all of which are featured

on this project).

It’s one to play

with the sun shining,

one to welcome spring,

and one to take

with you deep

into summer and beyond.