Photos: Jacob Titus

Photos: Jacob Titus

South Bend, Indiana group

After Ours are slowly forming

into tour addicts.

The crossover jazz duo

have spent the first half

of 2017 performing

at breweries and festivals alike.

With one collaborative EP

from earlier this year

in the books,

the pair have followed it up

by releasing their self-produced

debut EP, Up Late.

At five songs, the project properly

introduces their unique sound

to those who haven't

seen them live yet.

An offering that clocks in

at under 20 minutes

and that is self-described

as "head nod jazz", 

Up Late is something to play

in the shower, in the car,

at a bon fire, at any occasion

until the opportunity arises

to properly experience

After Ours' sound in person.

You won't regret it.

Grab the project

with individual tracks

via Bandcamp here.