a surefire kazinger that will reorient the misvibrational and realign the crooked and miserly

Sometimes when I need

writing prompts, I just

press play on Nostrum Grocers'

self-titled debut album.

Made up of Milo and Elucid,

it's a bar for bar

poetic endeavor

full of vivid imagery

and brilliantly tongue

twisting word association.

While that album

has been out in the world

for about half a year,

the two brought back

the duo (before touring

through Europe,

which they are

currently in the midst of)

with the loose track /

music video

'Daisy Neohoodoo

Anthemic No 99'.

Not to be

found on any album,

the track (produced

by Kenny Segal)

is a back and forth

through coastal

mansions in Maine.

One take beauty

from the Ruby Yacht

where all things

are possible.