“Lucky Duck”

is s.al’s

second single

off of his upcoming

album, I Steel

of Radiance, I Feel

So Action.

While the first

video / single

(“Rocco”, available below)

is a quiet

fish eye


“Lucky Duck”

(produced by Cold Lunch)

is chaotic, layered,

retro futuristic.

With visuals

handled by

Selden Paterson,

it’s a sci-fi seizure,

a circus coming to town,

a bounce house

floating away

to become a cloud.


the music video

for the lead single "Rocco"

(produced by

Steel Tipped Dove)

emerges from an

Alice-type rabbit hole

and shows both a poem

written on a typewriter

and an abstract painting

with a flower on a face.

I think this description alone

speaks volumes to the identity

and individuality of s.al,

an eclectic artist with paint

on his overalls and ten

artistic disciplines swing

dancing in his head.

Album coming soon.