I’ve said it before

and I’ll say it again:

Sirius Blvck is my favorite

rapper from Indiana.

The Indianapolis resident

has released a steady supply

of incredible music videos

and he returns this week

with yet another heater.

The video is for

“Wolf on a Train”

off of his NXGHTCRAWLR

album which dropped

last Halloween.

Produced by Bones of Ghosts,

the single is part

of the fourth album

the two have done together.

For this black and white video,

director Miro

(a frequent collaborator with Blvck)

shows Blvck doing his thing

on porches and train tracks

in Indiana, pouring out plenty

of King Cobra in slow motion.

Shout-out the Ghost Gun Summer

boys for cameos.

I see you, Oreo Jones.