I don't think

I've ever shared

a music video

with as many people

as I have

with Tierra Whack's

newest short film.

If you haven't

checked it out yet

(what are you doing?)

it's fifteen songs

in fifteen minutes

with fifteen music videos.

It's a whirlwind

of a technicolor experience

featuring dollhouses,

funhouse mirrors, nail

salons, coffins,

and plenty more.

It's imaginative, it's inventive,

it's surreal, it's hypnotizing,

and it's catchy as hell.

It's a fast-paced peek

inside Tierra Whack's world

where she shits on mainstream

pop and states,

“That? I can do that

and then some.”

While this video

(handled by visionaries

Thibaut Duverneix

and Mathieu Léger)

was my first time

checking our Tierra Whack,

I was pleased to find

her past single

and video

for “Mumbo Jumbo”

which is just as well done

and just as repeat-worthy.

You might not enjoy it

if you have a fear

of dentists. 

As it stands,

"Whack World"

is the hottest

15 minutes of music

in 2018. Do not @ me.