I’ve always felt like I replay parts of my life on loop, especially relationships.
— Appleby

At the beginning

of July, Appleby

released his first music

video for the single

“Young Lost Love.”

Produced by Elias Abid,

the track is the final

single before their EP

Happiness is released

on July 27th.

The music video,

directed by Stripmall,

shows a strong narrative

of heartbreak, reflection,

and taking flight.

An ode to heartbreak and personal reconciliation.
— Elias Abid

To keep it all moving

forward, Elias Abid

also released his second

solo vocal single

in the form of

“Old Me.” The hushed

downtempo track

follows his lead

single “Wayside”

and continues

to showcase Abid

as a solo artist.

Much more music

is on the way

from both Appleby

and Elias Abid,

as soon as

four days from now.