Vancouver producer Yuutsu is currently riding the high of his newest album, Lost, which was released last month through Inner Ocean Records. The artist creates ambient and relaxing beats that seep with emotion. Sorrow, tranquility, hushed love. Made up of 20 instrumentals (some of which were featured on our 10:00 EP released at the end of 2018), Lost is an auditory journey through rainstorms and quiet nights. Something you need for your next evening alone. In the interview below, I asked Yuutsu a few questions about his current and past releases, his home studio setup, and what he has in store down the road.

How long have you been working on Lost?

I've been working on lost since last August. It went through some transformations throughout the months as the feelings attached to the tracks evolved.

How would you compare it to last year's release, Void?

Lost is an extension of Void. Each album continues where the previous album left off, they're snapshots of my life at that particular period of time. I hold onto my memories and feelings through my music. I feel like I can most vividly describe the feelings that I experience through music.

What's the rest of the year looking like for you?

I'm working on a few collaborations and a project with a really talented friend of mine, fog lake. Another solo EP will be released in the near future as well.

If you could, please provide a photo of your studio space. Or describe it with words.

My studio space is just my bedroom [laughs]. It's pretty small but it's cozy, I love it.

What are some studio essentials?

I'm usually good with just my computer, guitar, keyboard and some coffee. I have those color changing light bulbs installed in my room and I change the colors according to the mood of the tracks I'm working on. It really helps me focus in on the vibe that I'm trying to push. I usually have some live action films or anime playing in the background on mute for visual inspiration. I'd probably recommend an ergonomic chair and sit/stand desk over anything though, health in the studio is essential. 

Outside of your own music, what have you been listening to as of late?

I've always listened to a bunch of different genres to keep the inspiration flowing. I try to take elements of each sound that I enjoy the most and incorporate them into my own style. A few big inspirations lately have been Shlohmo, d33j, Lil Peep, Chee, Eastghost, The Bilinda Butchers, The Radio Dept, Orchid Mantis, and Yeule. 

Do you have any advice for producers working on their craft?

Just keep practicing and don't be afraid to experiment with sounds/genres that you aren't familiar with. There's always so much to learn and so much that you can draw inspiration from. It's also really easy to get caught up in the technical aspect of music production but I always force myself to step back and re-evaluate what I'm making from an emotional standpoint. Sometimes it's better to mix a sound or play a note in a technically incorrect way if it helps in pushing the feeling that you're trying to focus in on. I try to focus on the emotion and feeling behind each sound more than anything else.

Any final thoughts / words of wisdom / shout-outs?

Don't force your art if you aren't feeling it, there's no rush. Make sure you give yourself some time to live and enjoy life, make meaningful connections with people, and experience real things. Inspiration often comes from experiences that we have with ourselves and others. It's also so important to learn to love yourself before anyone else and to take care of your mental & physical health above everything.