San Antonio MC P2THEGOLDMA$K has been running rampant for the last few years, dropping a bounty of projects and side projects and monikers seemingly every month. From full-lengths to EPs to comic books and waterfall music videos, the entire world of P2 Ko$a is a hand-crafted realm of creativity, bravado, and fun. Acting as the newest addition to his growing catalog, P2 recently released the 20 minute album Beyond Cloudt. Pitched as his first R&B/dance album, the smooth project showcases seven atmospheric tracks, lost up in the clouds where the party never fades. I spoke with P2 about the new album, how this release is different from past projects, and his upcoming plans to continue his illustrious saga. 

How would you describe your new album, Beyond Cloudt?

I would describe it as my breakin out my shell moment, it's da moment where I said fuck my clout 'n took a chance cuz I actually love music and the pursuit of new sounds 'n innovation. I don't jus wanna do what's safe meaning something that I've built up a reputation in (trap music) I wanted to challenge myself to create some of the sounds I grew up listenin' to because I feel the 90s was a prolific era in urban music especially R&B music that's where a lot of greats came from 'n what I grew up on. This album was originally and still is my tribute to my favorite artist Bobby Brown...people tend to remember his bad times but they forget he was also once King of the World Musically and Socially. He was groundbreaking...that's him at the beginning of da tape. So to wrap it up, this album is a gem to me personally. It's me showing myself and the world I believe in myself and my range. I'm here to stay, on every  station, every wave, I'm here. P2

How long have you been working on this album?

This project took me about seven months to put together and release mostly because I have outside parties on it who I wanna thank I don't think I could have executed this so beautifully without them (Lil'Kickdoe, Sbvce, Baegod, I$aiah and the engineer that mixed entire project TurboTaxx), I don't take long on projects normally because I'm more about capturing moments 'n vibes 'n when you record so spaced out you may be onto a new vibe 'n fuck ya project's flow up. but this one I took more time because I just had to get it right. It just had to be right I mean I was already taking a chance dropping something so different than my typical hits people love, but it worked they respected it from me and now I got another belt.

Your discography is lengthy and your output is so prolific. How does this project differ from past releases?

This release is different because it's jus different [laughs] listen to it I don't even gotta explain tbh. You can feel my life in it I'll say that much. I think it's gonna gain me a lot of real fans, people that care about the person they listenin' to. A lot of my prior projects were simply the best 'n most creative entertainment on da market [laughs] 'n that sum shit I'm proud of too. I'm wit da shit cuz this is all entertainment at da end of the day jus it's mo lit when it's reality. I keep my shit real always so no change there [laughs] R&B late nite tip 'n trap shit da difference tho.

What's up next for P2 KO$A?

Next is da top. I think [laughs]. Na, Marbach Album is next Big Tape but in between I'ma drop 2 EP series installments Classified Pimpin 2 & KO$A 2018 so be on da look out for those.

Can we expect more comics around the corner?

Season 2 of Adventures Of P2Thegoldmask is dropping this December actually so be on look out for dat too. Cartoon series or pilot at least also, expect dat early 2018.

I've been rocking with you since early 2015. How do you feel you've grown/changed in that time?

A lot [laughs] I had my first child my Son Zackary. He gave me new motivation and purpose so now I'm determined to turn this into something I can feed my family with. I don't wanna have to do things to make money that could take me away from his life for years, ion wanna do those things no more...I love my fans though 'n they gon' make sure I don't got to one day soon so...but yeah that's the biggest change the only one dat matter the success I been having is simply a blessing from God which I'm beyond thankful for. I'm thankful for the air I think I'm breathing [laughs] I'm jus' thankful so positivity is the change too I think in 2015 I was angry because my squad was coming apart at the seams from internal conflict 'n I couldn't stop it before it ruptured so I was turnt all year [laughs] but the shit so old 'n things have jus gone up for me since so I leave that stuff in the past .

Any final thoughts / words of wisdom?

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