Photo:  Robb

Photo: Robb

Irish producer Squid Ethics (@squidb3a) is the tenth (!!!) instrumentalist to have a go at the ongoing 10:00 series over at [neonpajamas] Records. For this feature, artists are given a ten minute platform of open space to showcase their music however they prefer. With Squid Ethics, a lofi bump collage is formulated, one that feels half stoned and alive. The 10 minute EP is a lofi daydream full of vocal chops and packed with a deep relax.

How did you approach your 10:00 EP?

I have phases of absolutely no music-related productivity. Sometimes this can last a week or a month so along the way I accumulate throwaways and bumps I don’t know what to do with. This EP is essentially off cuts which have been sitting on my hard drive and seemed to sit nicely as a little EP.

How would you describe it to a stranger on the street?

I still find it difficult to explain the style of music to people I meet. Generally speaking , I would probably just label it as instrumental so the listener is about as lost as I was throwing these beats together.

Was the process with the 10:00 any different than your past releases like Malheureusement or Floral Bones?

Hard to say - with previous EPs, I consciously work with a specific concept of tone/ theme. The Floral Bones EP was a compilation of beats I was making during my dads passing, which was a form of therapy for me.

I never have a set goal of the project and for everything I’ve ever released my intention is never to spend x amount of time working on it or a specific runtime.

I finish when it feels complete.

What are you currently working on? What can we expect from Squid Ethics in the second half of the year?

Honestly I’m going through some personal shit right now and as a result, music has taken a sort of intermission stage at the moment.

I do however think about music and production all the time, whether it be from listening to cats on SoundCloud to just fiddlin' with the 404 SX when I can.

Your 10:00 EP is so good for sleeping/napping. It's so relaxing. What albums have you listened to recently to help you sleep?

I suppose the sleepy style I make comes from making ambient music when I first got into production. I’m highly inspired by John Hopkins + Brian Eno.

Sleepable albums for me include:

Indigo Appalachia - Cloudsound

Временные Петли - DX20V

Glitch - Samurai Guru

大理石のファンタジ - Haircuts For Men

Aviation Weather - Boreal Network

Primaparte/Matatabi - [untitled split]

Outside of making music, do you have any other hobbies/interests?

I’m a fan of visual editing - I love learning about the editing process in film.

I love watching / reading up about conspiracy theories too - just thinking about shit that is open-ended and open to interpretation.

What's the music scene like where you reside in Ireland? Is there a beat community?

There’s definitely a growing hip hop scene - I remember 5-6 years ago it was seen as a novelty but artists like Kojaque, Sam Ojo, and Jafaris are really making a mark on the map for Irish rap.

In terms of beat makers, it’s hard to ignore greats like Jarjarjr, but with that being said a lot of beat makers I find don’t use their location as their their appeal which makes it extra nice to find someone you vibe with that is living on the same island as you.

Do you have any advice for producers working on their craft?

Just make the sounds you like to hear - it’s so easy to fall into a trend and make music that will pull virality as opposed to a genuine fanbase.

Try just to experiment, take time to listen to different genres which you wouldn’t normally make or listen to because the last thing you want is to be limited.

Also don’t feel obliged to spend tons of money on equipment / DAWs / packs, etc.

Some of my favorite music is made by people who work in a job unrelated to their passion and spend anytime they can creating something meaningful.

So many resources for starting out are available for free and you can learn so much from just listening to Bandcamp's discover page.

Any final thoughts / words of wisdom?

As mentioned above, there is so much available online for free.

Sometimes I try to restrict myself to specific vsts or samples and aim to utilize before looking elsewhere. That’s how you can accidentally come across a sound which you may have never intended to make but may never have crafted otherwise. I made Split Thoughts purely on LMMS and my 404 running of a Ubuntu booted 16gb usb.

If I can make something you absolutely can too.