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Producer Space Gang has been quiet for a large chunk of 2017, but thankfully the New Jersey artist has chosen to close out the calendar year by releasing a bountiful batch of abundance. Today marks the release of his 19 song album, Return of the Goon, courtesy of California label Dome of Doom. Featuring fellow producer Shrimpnose as the only guest, the entirely instrumental project is a journey through electrified hypnosis. Loops, bumps, donuts, beats, lofi sleep, boom bap heat. Welcome to the world of S.G. Da Goon. I spoke with him about the process, about creating with a busted computer, and about his influences found throughout this 47 minute instrumental experience. 

How long have you been working on this project?

A mixture between a year ago, up to about a few days ago [laughs]. Long story short, my laptop was destroyed about 18 months ago when I first started making the album. I ran a GoFundMe and got a new computer, but my landlord's internet here is so horrible the PC couldn't connect, so it was unusable. Then one day my friend calls me and says he was able to salvage the laptop after messing with it one day. So I grabbed it, bought an HDMI cause the screen was in pieces, plugged it into my TV and there it was. Everything from 18 months ago. And then I finished the album!

How would you describe it to a stranger on the street?

It's like finally getting 280 characters on Twitter.

What made you decide to include so many tracks?

There were tracks from back when I first started the album, then there are the new ones.
But I also added the ending pieces to the album just for variety to make it a really full project for people to enjoy. There will also be bonus tracks that come along with the cassettes that are arriving soon!

You said that a handful of tunes were added last minute. Can you explain the selection/evolution process?

Originally I wanted the album to have the same boom bap SG feeling, just straight chops and all that. But now that I'm back I felt like displaying my versatility, so tracks were added that are completely different from what's expected of my sound.

What were some influences during the making of this album?

The things going on in my life were the influences to every song. Ever since I couldn't make music I fell into a spiral of depression and anxiety. Making music has always been my outlet to keep me from those feelings. I want the album to reflect that mixed bag of emotions. My late friend Dave was also a big influence. I miss him greatly, RIP.

You tweeted that the album was made on a busted computer. Did it test your patience? Is your computer still busted?

The HDMI slot on it was messed up so I'd be on the floor holding the laptop in front of the TV, staring straight up for hours. It was horrible. The laptop is still busted, but I backed up everything on it and transfered it all to my new computer.

Can you speak on your new architectural firm gig? Congrats!

Thank you! Basically it's hard as hell finding work that pays enough for me and my girlfriend to support ourselves comfortably. There's no job opportunities anywhere near my area, and couldn't afford a car to look any further etc. Another long story short, I was visiting my parents and had casually just mentioned that I've been working on new music and an interest in graphic design; "since I've been getting better at PhotoShop," I said. My dad, being the cool guy he is, mentions that they were looking for beginner graphic designers to be taught at his architect firm. Next thing I know he calls me and tells me I have a full-time spot with really nice pay. It came down to mentioning PhotoShop at the right time! What a ridiculous world.

Any final thoughts / words of wisdom / bits of info I didn't bring up?

Things worked out for me in the end of this chapter, it's a good reminder of the ebb and flow. You have to put the work and the time in to make things happen. But there's a dash of hidden magic there. Even when things are low, there's always that unexpected shift in the spectrum to keep things balanced.

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