Musician Celadon City has been hand-crafting instrumental memories for the last few years. Evolving through shimmering and lush ambient pieces, the Oklahoma-based artist has a portfolio that includes the mesmerizing projects Earth OST and Summeryoung. Now C.C. is adding to his résumé with the ten song album, Somehow We Will Get Through This, a sonic journey full of bright energy and bouncing compositions. I spoke with the talented producer about the sweeping new album, the music scene in his city, and the stresses and joys of the creative process. 

How did 2017 treat you?

I honestly felt like I went through a lot more internally and emotionally then I have in a while. I feel like that is what fueled most of the creativity that went into this project. It’s nice to be out of school finally, but its been a real reality check for me to start taking music to a new level with all this time. 

You spoke out a bit on your creative process, and getting in your head in regards to certain tracks. Do you think you were over thinking things or do you think being overly critical of your own work is necessary at times?

The experience is 99% mental for me. Overthinking comes with the process and sometimes it will drive me to a limit. It has been a topic that I’ve been trying to sort for a while now and it’s tough to not be tough on yourself. I do agree however that it’s unhealthy at times and do wish to find more relaxation in my process. I really have to push things to break out of my comfort zones, which kind of feels like the opposite of what my album is trying to achieve. 

How would you describe this new album to a stranger on the street?

 A self help audiotape for your long autumn drives.

How long have you been working on the album?

This album was in the works almost a month after Summeryoung came out. I had a feeling that I would want to have another album out for the next year, and so it felt right to work nonstop. It was really not until April that I had fleshed out a majority of the tracks and had even played demos of them in live shows. It took me until a week ago to finally and officially have everything done. I feel like playing the demos live with my drummer, Ian, really helped me connect some dots with where I wanted the tracks to take me. 

Does this album fit within the same world of past releases like Summeryoung and Earth?

Certainly. I learn something new about my process after each album I have ever released. I wanted this album to feel somewhat familiar to my past releases, but some or most of these tracks feel like they take different routes than where I’ve gone before. However, I can see how different this album is from any of my releases. 

What were some inspirations and influences involved in the making of your new project?

I had recently gone through a bout of constant anxiety attacks that left me alone in my bedroom for most nights. So back in September when I was finally trying to tie everything together, I knew that these tracks I wrote were meant to help me through the long days. That really shaped a basic concept for what my album could be, but I had to also give credit to how I approached organizing each track, and especially when a track meant the most.

I listened to an incredible amount of music, and played a good amount of games. One that always has my heart is a game called Flower, which I love for its gameplay and soundtrack. Video game and movie soundtracks have always been a source for inspiration in how structure each song. Games like this have done a wonderful job at helping me find my head and heart. I hope others feel the same when they listen to my new work.

How do you plan to enter into 2018? Any plans for the new year?

I haven’t had a chance to speak much about what me and Ian are planning for anytime soon, but we will be working on some new live tricks to make this set more lively. Now that I am out of school a tour is more realistic for my schedule. Traveling in general is something I try to do more each year, and I have a couple of places marked on my map for next year. Also, I’ll most likely have more songs out of course!

Are you still based in Oklahoma? What's the music scene like in your area?

I still live in Oklahoma, but I’m looking for new places. I love Oklahoma for its unique influences and landscapes. The people are wonderful and the artists and creators I have met and made friends with have been essential in my process. The scene is full of indie creators and many who have turned art in their full time jobs. The community is pure in both Norman and OKC, and I am blessed to have played shows with many of these great people. 

Do you have any advice for producers/musicians working on their craft?

Musicians are facing difficult times with getting themselves out in the world, or being able to comfortably create in their own homes and heads. Trust your art and the heart. Be vigilant and be patient. Cook some good food once in a while, or go outside for a little bit. The mind is a well kept garden.

Any final thoughts / words of wisdom? 

I truly hope you enjoy this album and I thank each and everyone of you for listening :)