Vocalist and author Jabril Power. Producer and visual artist Squibs. Both have been featured on the blog in the past as their own separate entities, but today they collide headfirst into the collaborative EP Love in 4k. Trying to make music that sounds like the year 4000, the two artists went back and forth through the process via Twitter DMs. Which is all too fitting, given that I interviewed them both via Twitter DM about their sound, their chemistry, and their future. Don't sleep.

What was the process like for creating this project?

Squibs: We pretty much did it all over our Twitter DMs. Shit go down in the DMs.

Did you meet in person or was this all done remotely?

Squibs: We've never actually met irl before but we've fucked with each others work for a while I'm pretty sure. One of those things where you have mutual friends.

Jabril: It was all done remotely we never talked on the phone even once crafting this project.

How would you describe this project to a stranger on the street?

Jabril: Love in 4k really is about changing the way artists interact and motivating one another to produce high level, mind bending, challenging work.

Squibs: At one point we had talked about making timeless music maybe making something that would still be relevant in the year 4000.

Squibs, were these instrumentals you had already crafted, or were they new for the release?

Squibs: For the beats I was actually sending Jabril like 3-5 tracks at a time with just a melody. He'd pick his favorites and send them back with his vocals on there. From there I'd pretty much just build the beat around all that. It was actually pretty seamless.

How do you plan on entering into 2018?

Jabril: In 2018 we plan to do more visual work, we plan to do some installations and just continue to build bridges with artists all over the globe. We are open and inspired to work with just about anyone that is serious about creating incredible products and experiences. There's going to be so much more music. So, so much more. More live shows, too. 

Squibs: Yea. I really wanna work on visual things like that. Bringing all types of mediums into one form. I've been exploring some VR things too. Next year I know we are trying to build on this release with more music.

Any final thoughts / words of wisdom before the world ends?

Squibs: Put time aside to do something that makes you happy.