Since first capturing my attention (and the attention of countless others) with his own show as well as the cult classic film Waiting... (both from 2005), comedian Andy Milonakis has been a driven and prolific entertainer. With over a decade of laughs in the vault and many more to come, he continues to properly blend care-free comedy with an entrepreneurial savvy. If he's not using Twitch to live stream his daily adventures, then he's shooting a pilot with his rap group Three Loco (made up of Milonakis, Riff Raff, and Dirt Nasty). If he's not shooting a pilot, then he's recording a new song. If he's not recording a new song, then he's doing a voice over for cartoons like Adventure Time and Future-Worm! (and Crank Yankersrare). If he's not doing a voice over, then he's shooting an episode for a VICELAND cooking show. Every day is different for the Ruler of Planet Weirdopolus 3 who answered a few of my questions, featured below, allowing us to peek inside the world of Andy Milonakis. He talks about cartoons, live streaming, Mishka, reggae, and almond trees.

How has 2018 been treating you?

Not too bad, just streaming and shot a TV pilot with my rap group Three's been in editing for awhile now, we'll probably find out some news soon (good or bad) it's a coin toss.

I've been watching a bunch of Future-Worm! as of late (where Andy plays Danny Douglas, a boy who invents a time machine inside of a lunch box). I know you had a recurring role in Adventure Time, but was Future-Worm! your first time doing a full blown animated series? Can you speak on that experience?

Yeah Future-Worm was fun, I almost skipped the audition because I was going to Sweden two days after they emailed me...I made it work and went in the very next day...They emailed me and told me I was in the running for the lead, then when I got back to LA they told me I got it. I really like doing VO work, especially when you read with other cast members. I thought the show was pretty funny and smart, but TV is kinda archaic and when you have the combination of a paid channel like DisneyXD and Nielson Rating boxes, sometimes there's not much hope. I would have loved to do a few more seasons of that show but that's the nature of the business.

Have you always been into animated shows / cartoons? Any personal favorites that come to mind?

Yeah, I like all the old school Saturday morning cartoons. For newer stuff I really love Adventure Time and was super proud to be a part of it. I also really liked Futurama, especially the first handful of years. I was also passing around South Park clips before the show even came out. One of my favorite Hollywood stories was getting to have dinner with Trey Parker and Paul Reubens. What a combo.

What are you currently working on? 

Mostly streaming, and like I said above, waiting to see how the pilot turns out. I'd like to do some music this year as well.

Obviously you've been in numerous shows and movies, but in regards to recent circulations, you've showcased a strong livestream presence, a bunch of YouTube videos (I still find myself watching "Drake Songs"), and a cooking show. Have you always been juggling multiple projects?

Always, and I'm really happy that I got discovered on the internet because I learned the value of it early on. A lot of actors in Hollywood get random other "real world" jobs in between work. I've always attacked any new social platform that has come out, and when bigger projects aren't paying the bills, I've always been able to make money doing stuff online. So far Twitch has been my most successful platform that I've put a lot of time into. 

On Twitch, you often promote positivity and give the middle finger to toxicity. Is this a new philosophy for you or something that you've always practiced?

I don't want to be Mr. Rogers. I'm very vulgar, I don't mind when people fuck around and say stupid shit...But when these anonymous edgelords just try their hardest to be as mean as possible because they're either 12 or damaged...that's another level that I think is bringing the internet down in a big way. My new thing is, if you want to say something awful, make a video of yourself saying it. If you don't have the courage to make a video saying it, you're clearly a pussy. 

I ran the Mishka blog for three years and I always saw / still see you wearing Death Adders shirts. What's your history with the brand?

I met Greg a really long time ago and he's always showed me love with Mishka gear, he even signs off when I want to wear it on TV/Internet projects that need releases from brands. I dig their stuff and they've always hooked me up, and I show it back with few social posts and wearing it at a lot of events.

Can we expect some music in the near future?

Yes, definitely, I've made two new songs in the last couple months but I'd like to amp that up and make a ton of stuff this year.

Outside of your own art, what have you been enjoying recently?

I'm listening to Ski Mask, Ugly God, an insane amount of reggae. Reggae is my favorite genre, it's kind of slept on in LA. In Miami or NYC you'll hear a lot more reggae than pussy ass LA. Di Fara in Brooklyn is my favorite pizza, they also have Broccoli Rabe as a topping, pretty good. Their squares are legendary. Most of the time I like plain pizza, it's already usually pretty salty, I don't need a lot of toppings to mess it up.

You were in Japan and South Korea (and Greece?) last year. Any favorite spots during those trips? Any upcoming travels? 

Tokyo is my favorite city on the planet. It's like NYC + A lucid dream. So wild and unusual and such great people. Greece is my second home, my dad was born in Crete (the biggest island in Greece) and my whole family on his side lives there. We have a property way up in the mountains, population is like 8...Living off the land pretty much, gardens, chickens, goats...Go walk up to an almond tree, bang it with a stick, collect them, peel the dang furry green skin off of 'em, crack each one open with a rock, dip them in honey. That's food in slow motion, you get to appreciate life on another level living like that. I'm super proud of my Greek background. 

Do you have any advice for artists/creatives working on their craft?

All of these answers usually come off as cliché but the one thing I tell video makers, at the end of the edit...after you watch it...try to remove yourself from it and think, "After watching this, would I be so hyped on it that I would want to send it to everyone that I know and say, you gotta see this?" If not, maybe go back to the drawing board and make something polarizing and exciting. 

Do you have any final thoughts / words of wisdom?

"Only the madman is absolutely sure." - Robert Anton Wilson