I always have a blast compiling these rundowns. Below you will find ten recent tracks that have been soundtracking my mornings and nights in Chicago for the last month or so. With an eclectic range of music, this list has something for everyone. While the majority of my Single Slideshow articles have featured mainly instrumental tracks, only three of these 10 singles are wordless. Who am I becoming?

Chance Thrash - "Colors" (w/ Vivian Tran)

After a few months of silence, guitarist and songwriter Chance Thrash returns with the single "Colors". Featuring Vivian Tran, the three minute instrumental plays out like a lullaby, both soothing and hushed. The artwork here couldn't be better.

Elias Abid - "Wayside"

Producer and musician Elias Abid has been behind the scenes producing numerous tracks over the last few years. Now, he takes center stage with his debut solo track. Handling production duties and vocals, "Wayside" sounds like an outlaw taking to the beach. Badass and alive.

Arbour - "Golden Skies Tape Acoustic 2018"

Shortly after releasing his album, Sights & Sounds, Arbour let loose a batch of tracks, from a lofi bump ("stress??") to this acoustic bedtime piece, where Arbour plays guitar and sings the world to sleep. This song makes me want to take to the coast.

Fantasy Camp - "Heart is on the Floor"

While the artist Fantasy Camp is usually providing atmospheric R&B backdrops, his most recent loose single, "Heart is on the Floor", is an acoustic folk track. It sounds like a bon fire, like a song on a porch at midnight, like a nightcap in song form. So darn perdy.

Family Reunion - "Zoned Out"

Family Reunion's newest track "Zoned Out" is a retrofuturistic dance party. Producer Tombo provided the backdrop yet again as Family Reunion lets loose for three minutes. It's poppy, it's heartbroken, and it's covered in disco balls.

Victor! - "Boy"

"Boy" is yet another great single from up and coming artist Victor! Written and performed by the Chicago talent, the guitar-driven lovestruck jam is a perfect appetizer for the summertime. Press play on this one and watch the flowers bloom.

Omar Apollo - "Erase"

Can Omar Apollo do any wrong? After giving us the quality music video for "Unbothered", he continued with the single "Erase." It's a sing-a-long groover, one that will test your falsetto skills. Look out for Omar's EP right around the corner. Until then, loop this into infinity.

TSUKI - "Faint, But Still Glowing"

Production duo TSUKI return with the guitar-driven instrumental "Faint, But Still Glowing." When I want to read or write, I often find myself pressing play on TSUKI's SoundCloud, letting every quality track play through. This is yet another heater to add to their impressive portfolio.

Kelvo - "Moneyman"

Rapper Kelvo and producer Joe Nora can do no wrong. On their fourth (public) song together, "Moneyman", Kelvo rhymes over the hazy instrumentation, sounding like some UK cloud rap of the finest sort. Very few rap tracks float this smoothly.

Jack Cates - "Niagara" (w/ Joe Nora)

Chicago producer Jack Cates and California producer Joe Nora linked for the loose instrumental "Niagara." It's electrified, it's deep underwater, and it's drippy as hell. Play this one when you want to go swimming but can't find a pool.