Bellingham, Washington

is a hub of musical creativity,

especially in regards to

my current radar of

talented producers.

Artists like fantompower,

Arbour, barnes blvd.,

and more are putting

the Pacific Northwest

city on the map.

Most recently, the city

came together for a five

song collaborative effort

titled Project Red Thread,

where Bellingham producers

teamed up with

Bellingham bands

for something truly special.

“The idea was

to capture the sound

of Bellingham's music scene

in one album,”

says Arbour, who

assisted with

production (on the

track “Little Bird”

with the band Hot Take)

as well as recording

The Whatcom

Symphony Orchestra

alongside Noisywaters.

Credit:  Pat McDonnell

Producer fantompower

helped with

the opening track

“Hypatia” alongside band

The Dawn Bombs,

and plenty more

creatives come and go.

Give the 20 minute

project a listen

and enjoy

the eclectic creativity

booming out of

the Washington city.

If you need more

from Bellingham,

be sure to check

out Club Mage,

a band which includes

Arbour and fantompower.

They recently released

a demo for

the track “Tides”

and it sounds like

late October.