Part one focuses on the slower, smoother sounds of hip-hop and R&B while part two (due for release in a few weeks) turns the BPM up to toss more electronic frequencies into the mix.
— Stay Cool

The London-based

radio show

Stay Cool

is properly

transforming and molding

into an independent

music label with their

first official release: 

the compilation Altogether, Pt. 1,

which we are

thrilled to premiere

for you today.

Featuring familiar producers

Sleepdealer, Contour,

idntrmmbr, Evil Needle

(with Swiss rapper La Base)

and a whole batch of others

(25 in total including

Rhymefest and Jazzy Jeff),

the colossus compilation

is merely part 1

of a 50 song behemoth.

Ride the wave and be caught

up in time for the second drop

in a few weeks.

Plenty of names to discover

and plenty recognizable as well.

With over an hour of music,

this is a perfect drop to kick

start your weekend, wherever

you may roam.