I woke up

yesterday morning

to horizontal

snowfall, the winds

of Chicago so strong

that the flakes

were flying sideways.

How fitting, indeed,

that I pressed play

on Winter Winds Vol. 5,

the newest compilation

from Texas-based

independent label

Svnset Waves.

Featuring 20

exclusive tracks,

the project features

neonpajamas favorites

like TSUKI (their song has me

bouncing in my bar stool),

Celadon City (like warmth

away from the snow),

and Fla.mingo (what a switch

up and breakdown!), as well

as a collaborative track

between Joe Nora

and Epicure called “Puddles”:

a horn-heavy

rainy day feeling like

an aquarium parade.

Jump into this

compilation, which

blends everything from

electronica to ambient

in one enjoyable stream.

Artwork comes courtesy

of Todd Proctor and you can

view more of his work

on his website or in

the mini gallery below.