In 2015, Chicago MC

and visionary

Vagabond Maurice

flew through lantern-soaked

skies on his

debut album 

The Dragon who Devoured the Moon.

In 2016, he took flight

yet again, gazing up

at the stunning sunset

with his sophomore LP 

Watching Icarus Fly.

Now, in the heart

of the autumnal breeze,

and after a series

of loose singles,

our hero has returned

for his meditative

third chapter, 

A Garden at the End of the World.

Nurtured by nature

(rain, flowers, mud)

and full of

inward reflections

as well as

outward wisdom,

the album is a practice

in finding and defining happiness.

Executive produced

by Brad Kemp

(with additional production

by Emperor Bohe,

Manny Beats

and a wealth of musicians),

the dreamy and jazzy

hip-hop album

completes the trilogy

and properly connects

enchanted lands. 

A Garden at the End of the World 

is an introspective

and thoughtful

auditory experience unlike

any other, both within

the Windy City and beyond.