Another week another track

from Joe Nora.

Before dipping out

to Europe

for a few weeks,

he delivered the single

“Music About Bears”,

a track that acts

as the final piece

of his EP of the same name.

The song features bars

from British rapper Kelvo

as well live bass

by Raz Voodoo.

The bump is a lofi

thumper, part of a cohesive

sound that ties in nicely

next to the remaining four

songs on the EP.

All of the other tracks

have been previously released,

like the heaters

“Ghost” and “Jaguaar”

as well as two numbers

that we covered

in our two most recent roundups.

While all of the included songs

can be found on SoundCloud,

the complete project is out

on iTunes with bonus tracks

“Burn” and “Suuurf”

(released through instrumental

label Easca)

doing nothing but enhancing

the already strong release.

If that isn't enough,

expect something else

from Joe Nora

next week.

I've said too much.