At the end

of 2017, producer

Joe Nora

and vocalist Lunah

released their

Lunajoe EP,

a 15 minute

rainy day

spent inside.

A love storm

speaking words

not found

in the dictionary.

As a wonderful

reason to revisit

this unique

and bouncing project,

Joe Nora released

a surprise remix

EP to the EP.

Like a picture

in a picture,

but with flips

and reworkings.

The four song

EP features a

Jora Nora edit,

an Epicure remix,

a Prov remix,

and a Knives remix.

All of them

tap into different

styles, making

for an eclectic

and vibrant mix.

A smooth new way

of hearing Lunajoe.

Listen to the remixes

above and then

revisit the original below.

Light a candle

or something,