I went from vacation

to holiday season

and I honestly

have no idea

if I covered

this album

on my blog or not.

Regardless, it deserves

attention right

this instant.

Right now, damnit!

Moon Man & Benjamin’s

full length album

Vale is a masterpiece

and I don’t use

that word lightly.

It’s a 45 minute

instrumental whirlwind

featuring Joe Nora

and Ayani

as well as five

friends on various

instruments throughout.

I can’t recommend

this album enough.

It will change

you. It will

make you weep.

It will make you

exceed 100

for the first time

in your car.

It will make you

nap and then

wake up dancing.

Press play.

Vale is auditory art.

Vale is for the people.

How beautiful

that a song

by Moon Man & Benjamin

was one of the first

songs on my blog

and now here we are,

some two years later,

with a full length

album to enjoy

as we enter

into 2019.

I’m not crying,

you’re crying.