I wrote songs in Japan on my grandma’s baby grand
— Morimoto

Back in December,

Sofar Sounds hosted an event

in a dimly lit basement,

featuring two talented acts

who have been known

to frequent this blog:

Morimoto and bleeklino.

Featured above is "People Watching",

Morimoto's autobiographical, sweeping

new five minute track

that paints

a delicate and touching picture.

Equal parts poetic

and instrumental

(shout out keys

and saxophone),

this is one to play back

again and again.

I just wanna wake up early
and be with me and me only
is that all right?
— bleeklino

Following that video is bleeklino's

song known as

"Rocking Horse".

Also clocking in

at over five minutes,

this video progressing

and builds into a freeform

ball of energy

and honesty.

Enjoy as bleek changes

the tone in the orange

basement and cranks

things up a notch.

Shout-out bleeklino's hat

and look out for his

upcoming project King.