Cosmic backdrops.

Meteor brains.

Bright colors.

Atomic hallucinations.

This is the world

of South Korean artist

Bang Sangho.

I reached out

to the illustrator

for a potential interview

and while he

quickly replied,

he let me know

that his English

is not very good.

While an interview

would have been

a great feature

(we need a translator!),

I told him

I would still showcase

his stunning art

on the Ongoing Art Gallery.

Gaze around

at the unique creations

of Bang Sangho

who, earlier this year,

had his work featured

in the South Korean

art gallery

Cafe Idaho.

If you like

what you see,

be sure to check out

his impressive short film

Planet, which comes complete

with a limited edition book.

Too cool.

Visit his Instagram

for even more.