We welcome you

to Henry Church,

where the Holy Word

is an encyclopedia

of equal parts Fergie,

early 2000s flair,

shard-witted sincerity,

and Bow Wow hate.

Chicago west sider

Joseph Chilliams

offers up a great deal

with his debut

full-length release,

a 14 song cathedral

where the stained glass

features famous

video game characters

and wrestling heroes.

The project comes

properly produced

by Chilliams (who

helps with eight

of the tracks)

as well as Morimoto,

Cory Grindberg,


and Chilliams' younger

brother, Saba.

The production is cohesive

and freeflowing,

like it was all made

in one long session.

The overlap of production

helps for the wise

and comical lines

of Chilliams, with assistance

from Pivot Gang members

(MFn Melo, Saba,

and the recently deceased

DinnerWithJohn, who closes

out the project)

as well as familiar

names like Noname,

Supa Bwe, Jamila Woods,

Raych Jackson, SKYLR,

Add-2, and more.

It's a Chicago affair

and a project sure

to go down

as one of the finest

of the year out of

the city of wind.