I’m gonna release an album soon, I swear. It’ll have a buncha songs.

I've been away

from the blog

for two weeks

because it's important

to unplug during vacation.

That being said,

I'm back full force,

and what better way

to revitalize the site

than with an update

on the music Alicks

dropped while I was gone?

Ten days ago,

he appeared on a track

with Caduceus and (Tr)Ashton

called "I Don't Wanna".


with emotional, interpretive vocals,

the collaborative track

is perfect for the ice

on the ground.

Following that track,

Alicks released an instrumental

song on his Alex account called

"I Got Lost At the Aquarium".

It's two and a half

minutes of relaxation,

like wandering

past endless glass tanks

full of exotic sea creatures.