2017 was a great year

for producer and artist Alicks.

He released a project

in March known as

Everything is Beautiful

and later released a lofi tape

under his a l e x moniker

known as Growing Up, Vol. 1.

To keep things moving

into 2018, and perhaps

because he knows that his music

sounds best in winter,

he released the 29 song

album 1997 last week,

making it the first

great album of 2018.

A handful of songs

have been previously released,

but most of these are new.

I need 20 more listens

to properly digest them all,

but I took a nap while

listening yesterday and woke up

feeling absurdly relaxed.

Not to be outdone,

Alicks has promised that

Growing Up, Vol. 2

from a l e x is also right

around the corner.

What did we do

to deserve all this Alicks?