Chicago creative Elton Aura

decided to let loose

a double feature

for our Saturday

listening pleasure.

After assisting

with our [Sleep] compilation,

he decided to keep

moving forward.

The track

"Outta Body"

is a spaced out number,

atmospheric and intense,

complete with some instrumental

buildups that remind me

of 2011 Lex Luger

in a good way.

Elton handles production

here with help

from Brian Sanborn

and Luke Titas.

Artwork courtesy of Yak.

Closing out the double feature

is "Nothing New",

a track which features

vocals by Kamaria.

The song is more smooth,

more dreamy,

and more relaxed

than "Outta Body".

Featuring production

from Eddie Burns,

Brian Sanborn,

and Jasper MacRae,

the two songs contrast

each other nicely,

showcasing Elton's

versatility and overall vision

in two quick tracks.

Spin 'em back

and get familiar.