SoundCloud can truly

craft a whirlwind rabbit hole

for discovering music.

It was in this way

of proper SC surfing

that I stumbled upon

the work of Filipino artist

Mellow Fellow.

The singer/songwriter

has a plethora of music

on his personal page,

about as consistent as can be.

No weak songs through and through.

Two of the songs, in fact,

were released as his

Cannabis Holocaust EP

(which I played here).

The EP which contains “Tired”

and “I'll Be Your Eyes”

was released through Babe Slayer,

an independent label/brand

run by Eyedress.

On top of featuring Mellow Fellow,

the label also released

a two song EP by Jasmine.

The self-titled EP is more

of that lofi driven

bedroom rock that feels

like a relaxed dream

somewhere you can't quite visit

in reality. Keep your eyes

close to this label.

While they have released three projects

on their personal SoundCloud page,

they have also put me on

to plenty of music

just as a result of selective

and well-handled reposts.

The Best Band in the Philippines,

for example, is a thirteen song

album by band Bee Eyes,

a band I would have never

heard of if not for Babe Slayer.

All of the songs discussed

here are raw, authentic tunes.

Not polished in a studio,

not mastered for a major label release.

They are bedroom and garage recordings,

full of sincerity, passion, aggression,

and love. Listen to everything

in this article and improve

on your own personal poetry.

I guarantee it.