Today, August 4,


is donating 100%

of their sales

to the Transgender Law Center.

Below are four

outstanding albums

available on Bandcamp.

Grab them today

instead of tomorrow

and support

a great cause.

Bandcamp is the selfless

independent platform

we need, not the one

we deserve.

Mellow Fellow - Jazzie Robinson ($7)

Released earlier this summer, Filipino artist Mellow Fellow's eight song project was recorded in 2016 and sounds like a perfect batch of summertime, equal parts melancholic and alive.

Noname - Telefone ($7)

Chicago rapper Noname's debut album Telefone was released last year and I haven't stopped listening. The song "Sunny Duet" with theMIND is one of my favorite Chicago songs ever, and the whole album deserved a Grammy or two. Or three.

Milo - So the Flies Don't Come ($10)

As we wait patiently to hear Milo's new album, who told you to thin??!!?!?!?!, which will be out on August 11, it is worth revisiting his 2015 album, So the Flies Don't Come. Fully produced by Kenny Segal, the album is a ten song tongue twisting whirlwind into philosophy and bar-heavy wisdom.

Sales - Sales LP ($5)

Another 2016 album worth revisiting in the summer of 2017. This self-titled album is a dance party on a long car ride; it's a movie made with fifteen audible scenes.