anita remix.jpg

Smino's "Anita"

off of his debut

full-length blkswn

remains one of my favorite

songs of the year

(second only, perhaps,

to Smino's other track

“Netflix & Dusse).

The heater of a track

just got the remix

treatment thanks to

T-Pain. "Anita”

was already a hit

to begin with,

but now it just leveled up

in a whole new way.

Complete with a verse

from T-Pain, a new verse

from Smino, and plenty

of T-Pain adlibs throughout

(as well as a reworking

of the outro),

the remix is one that will bring

some sunshine

into this cold ass

Chicago day.

Don't forget about the

"Anita" video.

Hpefully you had a chance

to catch SMIPAIN

on tour this month,

closing out in DC

on Monday.