In essence, then, situation comedies are the story of our psychodynamics and “sociodynamics”, told over and over by formula in slightly different forms. They are examples of the theories we read in the social sciences, but acted out by fictional characters instead of being offered to us in complex theories.

Chicago collection


are some of the most

valued and respected

'behind the scenes'

members of the music world.

While they've been doing plenty

for artists like Via Rosa,

Smino, Jean Deaux,

Mick Jenkins, and more,

it's been a while

since the four names

(Michael Anthony, Sean Deaux,

theMIND, LBoogie)

have stepped out

and released

collective material.

That all changed this week.

With two new songs

being pitched as SITCOM,

THEMpeople enlisted vocalists

Via Rosa, theMIND, and Smino

for both tracks,

mirroring the classic soap operas

'Young & Restless'

and 'As Da World Turns'.

I'm not sure if we will get

more episodes down the road

('Days of Our Lives'?

'Bold & the Beautiful'?),

or if this is simply

a split single.

Regardless, these demand

heavy playback value

and will hold us over

until THEMpeople

decide to renew the show

for more episodes

or go in a completely

different direction.