Oh, they hate it when you smile now?
They lactose intolerant, I cheese on ‘em

New Smino

is always greatly


The St. Louis talent

really gained traction

this calendar year,

touring with Mick Jenkins

and releasing plenty

of attention alongside

Soulection and producer

in crime Monte Booker.

"Kajun" and "Menu"

proved his consistency

and chemistry

with Booker,

while tracks like

"Lemon Pon Goose"

with Jean Deaux

and Sango

proved Smino can switch

his flow up with ease.

At midnight,

Smino DiCaprio

gave us "blkswn",

a tongue twisting

number where Smino

flips and plays

with his own name.

Whether this will be

the lead single

to his anticipated


which we hope to get

before 2017,

or if this will

just be a loose single,

is unclear.

Given that the font

is the same as blkjuptr,

I would treat this

as a follow-up.


I was able to turn

off my space heater

once this song started.

Flame like a fireplace.

Thank you, Smi.