Chicago (see also: worldwide)

producer Monte Booker

delivered two tracks

yesterday to kickstart

the first weekend of summer.

The talented artist

has been teasing a project

for some time,

so hopefully these are appetizers

for the impending main course.

First is the track "Swang",

Monte's hypnotic

and progressive remix

to the Rae Sremmurd track.

Following "Swang" is "Kompany"

with Smino and Phoelix.

While plenty of tracks

having been released

between Smino and Monte

[including the majority

of the album

(of the year) blkswn],

this is the first under Monte's name

since the track "Kolours".

Call it a sequel,

call it a follow-up,

regardless of title,

it's yet another

straight heater.

Two for two from Monte.