Real Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique Shit

One Punch

is a collaborative EP

of straight slappers

between producer BoatHouse

and rapper Ajani Jones.

The five song

Chicago project

dropped as the city

froze over and acts

as a fireplace, a furnace,

a fireball rolling down

the snow-soaked streets.

Full of contagious

energy, bass, and bars,

One Punch arrives

complete with Kill Bill-

inspired artwork

and a guest verse

from Kweku Collins.

Closed Sessions

for the win.

If you need more

from producer

BoatHouse, check

his recent playlist

of ‘Throwback Boaty’.

The back catalog

is very strong.

If you need more

from Ajani Jones,

check out his 2018

EP Cocoons.

BoatHouse produced

the first two tracks,

so press play

to hear the origin

story for One Punch.