What a thrill to be metamorphosing


and producer Loona Dae

is a Chicago-based

artist stepping into

the solo spotlight.

Originally from St. Louis,

she's released demos

and loose singles throughout

the years (as well as

her Phases EP

back in 2017)

but her current focus

is stronger than ever.

Her newest offering,

Moonflower, is a four song

testament of rebirth

that showcases her abilities

both instrumentally and vocally.

With reflective narratives

of doubt, reassurances,

and visible growth, the songstress

crafts tracks that fit nicely

next to a late night

candle burning, a long

cruise down a quiet road,

a meditative afternoon

with close friends.

This is closure and self love

in musical form.

Loona Dae's sound

is ambient and cosmic.

It's a bright light

when the world is

shrouded in darkness.