Multitalented Chicago

artist Walkingshoe

is a producer, musician,

and vocalist.

He’s produced for artists

like ShowYouSuck, Towkio,

Rich Jones, Qari,

and various others.

Additionally, he has

a handful

of instrumental projects

under his belt.

Most recently,

Walkingshoe stepped

up from behind the boards

and grabbed

a microphone

for his proper solo,

self-titled project.

Featuring three previously

released tracks and five

new numbers,

the singer/songwriter

finds comfort

in his self-made

world of folk music

and indie rock singles.

Some deserve to be

in car commercials

(“Can’t Sleep”)

while others act

as soothing lullabies

(“Far as I Could Tell”,

“Paper Moon”).

With something for

everyone, it’s quite

fitting that this project

was released

as the seasons

are changing, as the leaves

are falling throughout

all of Chicago

and beyond.